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We understand that there is no 'one size fits all' type IoT solution possible. Thats why we've built Avarana IoT System - a fully customisable, easy to use and ultra-secure IoT framework. We will help you craft an IoT solution for your specific business needs!!!

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In the fast-approaching world where tailored products and customer experience are a competitive advantage, its no longer about what technology you are using, but how fast you are able to solve the ever-changing requirements of building & managing your end to end solution, whether it is streaming data from the endpoint sensors, aggregating and applying edge-services and securely sending it to the cloud or processing the data in the cloud for actionable insights using AI/ML technologies.

Well, thats what we primarily do. We provide a ultra-secure IoT system which is fully customisable and we help you put together an end to end solution in the simplest possible way.

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Fully automated infrastructure with pluggable IoT services & applications that lets you focus more on your business logic!

Ultra Secure

Device authentication and Virtual private network between gateway and cloud makes the solution fully secure and private

Cloud Native

Provides agile, elastic, efficient and resilient compute infrastructure which can be deployed in any cloud.

Edge Services

Gateway system capable of running Edge Services that are centrally managed from the IoT Cloud

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